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Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 11:21 pm

"Sealed Off" - First off, Zhang Ailing was only 22 when she wrote this story, which is amazing.

It's interesting how the story seems to focus on Lu Zongzhen, but ends with Cuiyan's introspection.

Overall, it reminded me very much of Kurt Vonnegut because the story happens because of an air raid, but has nothing to do with the air raid. All the characters seem totally disinterested in the air raid, but instead preoccupied with their own problems, like annoying nephews and dumplings. It was also Vonnegut-esque in that the whole story never really happened; something happened, but then again, nothing happened.


The style of poetry is radically different from the poetry that we read before, except for maybe Feng Zhi's Sonnets. The form is much more free and varied. The shift in style is amazing considering how little time it actually occured in.